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We only use your data when you choose to provide it to us when attending an event. We will remind you of this in the event registration. We only ask for data that is essential to the smooth running of the event and once the event has finished we then delete all of your data other than any basic information required to report the results of the event. Your name can be removed from event results if you so wish.

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Connecting Mums
Connecting Mums

Peri Natal Support Groups

Having a baby can be a traumatic event for some people. The euphoria of having a new baby and the exhaustion of sleepless nights can make any new mum feel like she needs extra support and a chat.

One of our support workers will be happy to make an initial home visit and will support you in attending the group. If you would like to speak to a support worker for any Peri-natal issue please give us a call using the telephone number on this page. Our sessions are open to all Mums and pre-school age children are welcome.

For further information on this or any of our other services please give us a call on (01229) 581578 or send us an email.

We also have a Connecting Mums flyer available for download.

This is when we hold our sessions:


Here is a slideshow of 16 photographs from some of our Connecting Mums sessions:

Connecting Mums